About Us

Hello Texas Hockey Fans,

As a hockey fan and player growing up in North Texas, I've always had a passion for the sport. Hockey is often overlooked here in Texas but the small percentage who likes hockey, LOVES it. It's those loyal fans and players who sign up for men's league year after year, attend the Stars' practices and are the loudest at the games that make Texas hockey what it is. As one of those people, I decided to start my own company, Texas Hockey Apparel, giving Texans the opportunity to represent hockey in Texas. Each item of clothing is full of creative graphics and designs that gives Texans the ability to show off their passion for the sport.

As a Texan, you also know we do things BIGGER and BETTER. That's why our apparel is the best, softest and flyest looking pieces of clothing out there. We don't half-ass the quality for a quick buck. We sell only the best premium quality apparel to our customers. That's true Southern Hospitality.

We're constantly adding new items of clothing so be sure to follow our social media pages!




Thanks for shopping with us and helping us grow hockey in the Lone Star State!


Texas Hockey Apparel